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 research paper chapter 1

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PostSubject: research paper chapter 1   Wed Mar 25, 2009 11:48 am

Chapter I


Pornography are films, magazines, writings, photographs, or other materials that are
sexually explicit and intended to arouse sexual excitement in their audience. Deriving from the Greek words pornē (“prostitute”) and graphein (“to write”), the word pornography originally referred to any work of art or literature dealing with sex and sexual themes. Many people especially adolescents had watched pornography which is not allowed mentally and psychologically. Watching this immoral and inhuman porn movies can destroy the morality of every person’s mind and including the innocent and young students. Women and children are used as icons of pornography which they used for entertainment, business and self-pleasure.

Knowing the people’s knowledge about porn movies through surveying and researching it to the selected III-14 students about pornography is important as many young students have learned about this. The current generation whom have known about pornography might continue and pass down it to their future children and young ones. As a whole class, we have chosen this topic because we are so familiar with this kind of issue and topic. We are also so curious and questionable about it.

It’s about time to know the subject matter that can help people especially the adolescents and students whether they knew about pornography or have watched one of it in this research will know if some of what we call “barkadas” influenced the innocent youths or not just influence but also addicted and have accomplished anything good.

This detection to the selected students will inform us if their aware about pornography and if their mind have been trapped behind the bars of the pornography.

II. Scope and Limitations

It covers the factors that mostly affect the students. It can inculcate their mind that pornography is normal.

They can explore and experience what they see and can result to pregnancy and abortion. Financially affected in away that they will reward them allowance to buy materials like magazines, videos and the worst, if they will steal money on that matter.

The morality can be affected, respect of individual can be violated and harassment can be done by the individual and not knowing that their action are wrong.

III. Significance of the Study

It is significant to know the importance of the study as we are about to know the awareness of the students about pornography. We will be inform about the behavior, feelings and perception towards pornography.

Being vigilant and investigating the knowledge of the selected students can help us teach and reduce their interest in watching and learning more about the pornography.

IV. Definition of the Terms

*Inculcate -impress on somebody's mind: to fix something firmly in somebody's mind through frequent, forceful repetition

*Vigilant-watchful and alert, especially to guard against danger, difficulties, or errors

*Youth-time when somebody is young: the period of human life between childhood and maturity
*Explicit- clear and obvious: expressing all details in a clear and obvious way, leaving no doubt as to the intended meaning

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research paper chapter 1
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